About Us

Sportsentblog is an online publication catering for three sporting codes; soccer, rugby and cricket. The blog brings the stars to your fingertips. Sportsentblog focuses on the interesting topics on and off the field. It offers the latest news on sporting action. It aims to entertain the reader by providing them with hard hitting and entertainment opinions while ducating them. Its three core values are Entertainment, Inspiration and Education.  It is the hub of all things SPORTAINMENT.

Sportsentblog is a multimedia blog that is innovative and digital. Its current projects are all online platforms. The blog projects range from online shows, digital publications and content production for other providers.

Meet the Team

The team comprises of an individual. A very hard working and fun individual all round. His contribution and work towards the blog is what makes it what it is and what it is turning out to be.

Sduduzo Godswill

Is a journalist, blogger and founding member of Sportentsblog. He is a huge sporting guru. He is known for his hard hitting views on topical issues within the sport entertainment industry. My opinion is like my skin, you cannot take it away from me. Start Unknown and Finish Unforgettable.

Follow him on Twitter: @sduduzo_masuku

Facebook: Sduduzo Masuku

Instagram: sduduzo_godswill_masuku

LinkedIn: Sduduzo Masuku


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